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Welcome to the Lichodziejewski Guitar Studio! I am glad you have taken the time to stop by our website! And I wish you all the best on any discoveries you might find that make playing the guitar easier and more fun!



All new comers to the guitar as well as players with many years under their belts are all interested in learning new ways to play and how to play better.


The key words here are "to play."  The guitar is meant to be PLAYED!  It seems that so many of us have spent numerous years WORKING the guitar. I SURE know I did!


I used to work at it for hours on end and not get any better - so much so that I wanted to break my guitar into pieces!  I would get so bent out of shape because it just wouldn't do what I wanted it to do!


The problem turned out to not be the guitar. Although playing a bad guitar can make life more difficult than playing a decent one - it was ME that didn't understand what the guitar really needed ME to do! To make the guitar work right I needed to change a whole bunch of things to allow me to start to actually PLAY the guitar!



It wasn't until after many years of studying and picking up tricks here and there from teachers, magazines, workshops, master classes, and years of trial and error wood shedding that I was able to consistently "play" the guitar and have fun.


Now don't get me wrong - I had fun playing. Sometimes I was great! Sometimes I was just ok - and other times I was terrible! I just couldn't figure out why.  I was completely inconsistent and it was tremendously frustrating.



After discovering the many little secrets I picked up on over the years and applying them to my playing correctly I began to see consistent results and - Ta da! I was able to play and have fun all the time. I just loved playing the guitar and I knew I could do it.  I finally understood what needed to be done to make this guitar thing work!  


The main problem was starting off missing some very critical bits of information that make playing the guitar tremendously more difficult that it needs to be.


Sometimes you just don't know the most efficient way to play something if you are starting on your own. Or a teacher doesn't actually know the most efficient way to play something, or doesn't know how to communicate it to you, or doesn't realize what you are doing wrong. Sometimes a teacher doesn't even know HOW they are doing something much less how to explain it!



So sometimes players get lucky and stumble on to the right way to play the guitar and sometimes if they are lucky they get the right teacher with the right answers for them. So in this way it appears that some people have "talent" and others don't.


If you learn all the little secrets as you start playing and are continually pointed in the right direction as you learn - you will pick up much faster, have a ton more fun, and totally become that player with talent.  


Some players naturally may have an ear that can discern between notes better or have more flexible muscular control to start with but if they don't work at it - they will never develop into the talented players they can be.  It does take work - but when you cut out the trial and error and focus on exactly what you need to work on - you can make tremendous improvements in a much shorter amount of time than even the most "talented" player that has no direction.



You may be just starting out looking into playing the guitar and thought that - "I could never play the guitar" or "I'm too old to start" or "Playing the guitar is for somebody else who already has talent." Or you may be thinking "I just cant get any better" or "how does that guy make it look so easy?"


If you have all these question and are looking for answers - you just might have come to the right place. 



With over 30 years of playing and performing experience with rock, blues, classical, metal, pop, acoustic, and other guitar styles - as well as becoming a Suzuki Certified Classical Guitar talent educator teaching students as young as 5 years old how to play the guitar - we will likely have all the answers you are seeking and will be able communicate the understandings you need.



We provide weekly lessons to help you build a thorough understanding of what you really need to know to learn to play the guitar. We set you up with the correct principles needed to be able to play and enjoy the music that you want to be playing.  And everything you learn today - you can apply for the rest of your life long journey of playing the guitar.


Please take a look at some of the other pages on our website and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.



Please also note that we only have a limited number of openings available right now - please contact us for schedule inquires. 

Thanks again for visiting us and we look forward to speaking with you!


Best Regards,

Mike Lichodziejewski